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It's no secret that the Apple lightning cable is one of the most challenging / problematic cables ever made. The help forum on the Apple website has almost 200,000+ discussions dedicated to how problematic the cord and the authenticator chip inside the lightning plug is. With that in mind, here are some suggestions and recommendations of what to do / not to do on your cable.

(1) Make sure you’re using Apple-certified accessories and the right power source.

Your iPhone requires a minimum of 5w, iPad require a minimum of 10w and iPad with Retina Display require a minimum of 12w for the iOS to recognize the cable.


(2) “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” or “This accessory is not supported by this device.”
If you see one of these alerts, unplug your device and clean both 8pin and USB connector. The contacts connecting the 8 pin connector often get dirty and prevents the connector from making good electrical connection to the iPhone. Check you cables 8 pin connector every 3 months, use a eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe and polish the 8 pin connector when needed.


(3) Phone won't charge unless charger is pulled in a certain angle.
Look at the connector at the bottom of your iPhone and make sure it’s free of debris, it's amazing how much lint it will collects, the lint prevents the cable from making good electrical connection to the iPhone. Cleaned the port with a toothpick, then reconnect the USB cable.


(4) Do not forcibly twist and turn the cable during charge, sync or storage.
Your Statement WKW cable is a military grade MIL-STD-810 foil and braid double shielded cable. If you routinely force the cable in a abnormal angle during charge, sync or storage, the braided metal shield inside the cable may create a habit-forming lump, however it will not affect the function of sync and charge.


(5) Do not pull the cable from an angle.
Please keep in mind that nothing is indestructable. Statement WKW was designed to be robust, because both 8pin and USB is hot-pluggable, the connectors would be used more frequently and perhaps with less care, than other connectors. However they are not unbreakable, both connector and heat shrink is design to break off if the pressure is strong enough to prevent equipment (iPhone, iPod or PC) damage. This design was made so that both connectors on the less expensive cable would bear the most wear instead of the more expensive iPhone, iPod or PC.


(6) Do not keep your cable in a vehicle or in wet/moist climates.
The 8pin connector is not waterproof or corrosion resistant, if the Lightning end of the cable is wet while plugged into a vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet, it can arc/short the cable's authenticator chip. In worse cases, your iPhone could be damaged. Keeping your cable in a vehicle is the leading cause of corroded connector.

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