Founded in 2008, WKW Custom Cable is one of the premiere smartphone accessories and custom high-end audio cable company in the San Francisco Sunset District. We were always fond of old world craftsmanship and has been in a continual state of refinement, seeking not only to make our cable better and better with each generation, but also to create entirely new products that serve the needs of our customers.

Our inspiration for the Statement WKW came from ideas and design that are not common for your average iDevice cables and accessories. Our research covered other luxury products such as jewelry, high-end headphones, watches, audiophile speaker cable and interconnects.

It is important to us that our cable not only look stunning, but also of high quality and craftsmanship that you will recognize once you put them in your own hands. We have decided on a combination of audiophile cable design concepts, high-end audio fiber sleeve and double shielded woven cable to achieve a clean signal path and durability.


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169 Thrift Street, San Francisco CA 94112